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About Us!

Meeting Your Insurance Needs With Quality and Integrity!

This website offers insurance products by Chaurcey Boyd. Mr. Boyd is a licensed independent insurance agent who offers a variety of insurance products for persons at various ages. Thus, he is able to meet your insurance needs for you and your children as well as your spouse, parents, and other family members and friends. Mr. Boyd currently services clients in Arkansas and Texas, especially within but not limited to the Texarkana area.

Types of insurance currently offered are:

Life Insurance provides some measure of protection against the financial effect of various events on our earthly lives.

It assists family members with financial peace of mind during times of death. Taking steps to relieve your love ones of financial burdens associated with burial expenses and to ease future living expenses is the loving and responsible thing to do. We offer policies for those in good health as well as not so good health.

With our low-cost life insurance, during time of life emergencies you can also in some cases take out loans against built up cash value.

Children can have a policy of their own, or in some cases, children can be added to parents or other guardian policies.

Generally, if you cancel within 30 days of policy issue, we will return the initial premium you paid with no questions asked.

Everyone should periodically review their life insurance coverage since obligations/responsibilities change over time, e.g., marriage, children born, bought a house.

Of course, everyone's situation is different; therefore, our specific offerings depend on your specific situation/conditions.

Of course, the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic has required modification of some procedures. But we still offer insurance services.

To request specific insurance information based on your needs and situation/conditions, please click here. For more general information please use the Contact Us link.